And the winner is….

… not me, I came 5th.

There were some beautiful entries to compete against, my absolute favourite was the origami pleated persimmon which I think is stunning, but I also loved the pintuck stars tunic dress which is clever and unique.

Congratulations to the winners, Conversas de Hermanas for the baptism dress and Eva Maria for the pleated hamami.

To everyone that voted for me, to everyone who encouraged and supported me, to everyone who sent me lovely messages or wrote kind comments, to my new followers and old, to my friends and family…

thank you2


7 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Congrats !!
    I think that the final choice would have been a combination of the audience and of a jury. It would have been more fair…


  2. Are you allowed to be honest in the blogging world or just polite. I think if you ask for comments you should just give them. So here goes you don’t have to publish this.

    I know design is a matter of taste but I really think some of the entries were robbed. I think the designs that came 3rd – 5th were far superior designs which includes yours. The pleats on your dress and the gorgeous dress with the orange pleats were great pleating. The yellow dress too had some great pleats. First place and second place really didn’t pleat up to the StraightGrain pleating tutorial in my opinion.

    Well done for coming near the top.


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