Can my ‘crafty creation’ win the Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Competition?

peacock pack shot

I heard about Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Competition from Craft Blog UK. I don’t usually enter competitions but this one excited me.

I was sent 1mx1m square of fabric. (I had four to choose from, I was immediately drawn to the Bird Parade Teal.) My task was to transform this humble piece of fabric into an original craft design, then blog about it.

Yes, I could do that, surely! But what could I make? A bag, a cushion, a bed tidy? Derrr! I don’t blog about bags and cushions, that’s someone else’s bag (see what I did there?). Of course, I had to make some clothes for Darcy or Scout.

1m of fabric is usually enough for the clothes that I make, but this was only 1m square AND the peacocks had to be taken into consideration. I kicked myself for making such a rash decision on the fabric, Calluna Amethyst would have been so much easier.

It took me only a few moments to decided on making some bloomer shorts for Scout. We have just had the warmest winter for 25 years and I was hoping this dose of warm weather would continue into spring.

bloomers and collar 1abloomers and collar 2a

I made a pattern for the bloomers (it took me 3 attempts, but I did it, yay!). It’s not perfect but you can download it here (use it at your own risk), its for age 2-3.

They are really easy to make (perfect for someone new to sewing).

You will need:

  • Pattern (print at 100%, DO NOT scale)
  • Fabric and matching thread
  • Elastic the length of your child’s waist. Thinner elastic for the legs.
  • Scissors, Pins, Iron
  • Sewing machine

This is how to make them:

bloomer tutorial

With the spare fabric I made a detachable, reversible, exaggerated Peter Pan collar. Now I don’t need to worry about what top to put on with the bloomers, just sling on the collar and anything goes.

peacock collar

I made the pattern myself, (get me! another pattern), albeit a very simple one. Again it took me three attempts. You can download the pattern here. Age 2-6.

A very quick project, you will need:

  • Pattern (print at 100%, DO NOT scale)
  • Fabric and matching thread (you may like to choose a different fabric for the reverse)
  • 2 buttons and tiny piece of elastic to loop round the button
  • Scissors, Pins, Iron
  • Sewing machine

This is how to make the collar:

collar tutorial

You will find yourself making loads of these, I know I will be. They take less than half an hour, try experimenting with collars of different sizes and shapes. When you’re done I’d love to see your creations.

After making the bloomers and the collar, I still had one whole peacock left so I decide to appliqué it onto a white vest, using a very tight zig zag stitch. It worked a treat. Definitely something I’ll be doing again when the fabric calls for it. The vest also looks fabulous with jeans.


I am really pleased with the little outfit I created for Scout. At first I thought the fabric may be a bit grown up. But it turned out splendid. The fabric makes the outfit look quite lavish.

peacock vest

Do you think I’m in with a chance of winning the competition? There are lots of extremely talented crafters and bloggers out there. Even if I don’t win, I really enjoyed making the outfit, I love the way it turned out, Scout has an absolutely adorable outfit to add to her handmade wardrobe, I have been introduced to some new great fabrics, I have made my first pattern, and I can’t wait for our next hot, sunny day.

4 thoughts on “Can my ‘crafty creation’ win the Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Competition?

  1. Wow. I love what you have done with the fabric. The shorts are super cute and the tutorial looks great. I love the collar too I will definitely try that tutorial. Can’t wait to see if you have won. You have got my vote.


  2. it was interesting to see what you could do with colors and a different fabric
    i really like what you did and i hope you will win !!!!


  3. Oh wow! Lucky Scout to have such a stunning outfit! And I am seriously coveting the Peter pan collar myself!! I must have a go at making ny own-never even thought about it before! But I think it is so special because of the fabric, will have to keep an eye out for something equally perfect for own of my own!


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