Whoop! Whoop! I was nominated for a Liebster Award


I am honoured and overjoyed that Meg at Cookin’ & Craftin’ nominated my blog for the Leibster Award. I am doing cartwheels right now.

To be honest I’d never even heard of the Award before I was nominated. But I have since found out it’s a blogger to blogger award exclusively for little fish bloggers like me, in the vast ocean of big fish bloggers out there. Whoever nominates you believes that your blog deserve some recognition.

This is what Meg said about me…

Olu blogs about her effort to create wardrobes for her kids that go beyond pink, sparkles and glitter.  From what I have seen on her blog, she is definitely accomplishing that in spades!  The clothes she makes for her daughters are impossibly cool also very cute.  Check out her bad-ass refashioned sweatshirt dress, or her goes-with-everything grey harem pants.

Such lovely words, thanks Meg.

I particularly like the way she renamed the sweatshirt dress (bad-ass refashioned sweatshirt dress) and the grey harem pants (goes-with-everything harem pants). She got it spot on and I’m very tempted to keep the names, they’re great.

The rules of the Liebster Award:

  • Answer the 5 questions from the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
  • Write 5 random facts about yourself
  • Nomintate 5 small blogs and notify them by leaving a comment on their blog
  • Ask 5 fun new questions for them to answer in a post

So here goes, in answer to Meg’s questions.


1. Why do you blog?
Blogging keeps me motivated to fulfil my challenge of making all my daughter’s clothes for at least a year. I find feedback and comments very helpful and sometimes rewarding.
It’s also a good place to keep a record of what I have sewn and document my progression.
2. What’s your all-time favorite item you’ve made and why?
I have two, my “Big Bubble Party Dress” because I adore it, if I saw it in the shops I would want it immediately. It’s completely my style and something that I would wear myself.
And my “bad-ass refashioned sweatshirt dress” (see how I just slipped in the new name there), because I impressed myself with how lovely it turned out. The extra details like the side pocket, the buttons and the pocket trim was such fun to conceive and create. And it gets extra brownie points for being refashioned.
3. What’s a good book you’ve read lately?
I bow my head in shame because I haven’t read a book for quite a while. I don’t seem to have the time at the moment. I used to listen to audio books because that meant I could ‘read’ and do something else at the same time. But I do enjoy reading to the girls before bedtime, so a good children’s book I’ve read lately is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Don’t we all love Roald Dahl books?
4. Besides sewing, what other hobbies do you partake in?
Squash. I would happily play squash every morning and sew every evening, and maybe go for an impromptu ride on my Bobbin when the sun comes out to play in the afternoons.
5. What’s been your favorite moment of 2014 so far?
Gosh I can’t think on one particular moment, so I’ll have to say it’s all those little moments that I have with my girls, the ones that make me smile and laugh, the ones that make me feel proud, the ones that feel my heart with joy.


5 random facts about myself:

  1. I once asked a policeman to buy me a packet of crisps and he cheerfully obliged.
    I was at home and feeling peckish, out of my window I saw a policeman about to go into the sweet shop across the road. I politely shouted out of the window ‘Could you get me a packet of crisps please?’ he said ‘OK’, so I chucked down some money, he caught it and proceeded to go and get my cheese and onion crisps. At the time, I lived in a second floor flat. When he returned with my crisps he asked me how he could get to my door. I replied “don’t worry I have a rope” I lowered the rope and he tied the crisps to the end. As I hurled the rope back up I was laughing so much that I couldn’t get off the floor to thank him properly, but at least I let him keep the change.
  2. I was once the fastest 100m runner in GB for that particular year.
    It was 4th January and no one else had officially run 100m in competition. My time was complete rubbish but it was mentioned in Athletics Weekly.
  3. I’m allergic to cold.
    I get a rash when my skin gets cold, and it’s unbearably itchy. Swimming pools are a big problem for me.
  4. When I have something that I really, really like, I don’t use it.
    I’m not going to explain this one (it’s quite hard to explain and some people just won’t understand), but I know there are others out there like me. Come on, admit it.
  5. Silly little things make me laugh.
    I once went to work in a pair of jeans that felt really uncomfortable around the inside right leg. I couldn’t figure out why they felt so strange, I didn’t bother investigating why they were bugging me but when I got home that evening, I realised there was a sock left in my trouser leg from when I had worn the jeans the last time.
My 5 questions for the blogs I nominate:
  1. What’s the best comment you’ve had from one of your blog posts?
  2. What annoys you?
  3. What do you collect?
  4. What do you spend too much time doing?
  5. What do you do when no one is looking?
  6. What’s your favourite website?
  7. Is your blog 100% honest or do you sometimes make things up to sound more interesting?
  8. What 3 words best describe you?

Ok I know that’s 8, but I was enjoying myself and got carried away.

And my nominations* are, in no particular order [drum roll]….

  1. As it Seams
  2. Designs by BellaBug
  3. Anna International
  4. The Ugly Volvo
  5. Nice and Knit

*I have no idea how big these blogs are but I hope no one is offended by my nominations.

If you accept the award I’m looking forward to reading your answers to my questions, but I appreciate that you may not have the time. Writing this post took a stupid amount of hours and I bet there are still some mistakes.


8 thoughts on “Whoop! Whoop! I was nominated for a Liebster Award

  1. Oh Wow! Thank you! So so chuffed that you nominated me! I know the cartwheel feeling because I am doing it now! I totally accept, and will do my own nominations just as soon as I can whittle my favourites down to just five! Thanks again for the honour! x


  2. I love Roald Dahl, too! I read them obsessively as a kid and can’t wait until my nieces are a little older so I can share with them, too!

    And faster runner in GB? That’s crazy! Wow!


  3. This was really cool to read all the different things about you! I’ve been following your blog for a little while and just love the creativity in it all. Wonderful job!


    • Awww! Thank you Ashley. I’ve just started following your blog too. Loving the knight hoodie. I’m yet to start making mine. Was thinking of sewing the madeline dress first. Sew many great patterns, so little time. 🙂


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