How to turn an adult sweatshirt into a swanky girls dress

before_after sweatshirt

Take one unwanted extra large sweatshirt, mix with a drop of inspiration, add a spoonful of creativity and sprinkle over a few grains of skill. Work hard for 3 hours at a moderate pace, let cool completely.

cool sweatshirt dress

That’s exactly what I did to create this utterly adorable, warm and cosy sweatshirt dress. The kind of dress that you just sling on, grab your scooter and whizz to the park in.

back of sweatshirt dress

The silhouette of the dress alone is delicious, but I wanted to add a few toppings to make it scrumptious.

sweatshirt dress1

I removed the uniform blue buttons and changed them to odd buttons of light blue, pink and red.


I lowered one of the pockets and trimmed the top with red jersey from an outgrown sleepsuit, to reveal a little sliver of red from underneath the flap.


I created an inset pocket using fabric from the same sleepsuit, for just a taste of red and pink.

inset pocket

This sweatshirt dress makes me gush with pride, it is one of my favourite creations to date, but the icing on the cake was the delight on Darcy’s face when she come home from school and saw what I had been cooking up for her.

sweatshirt dress7

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