10 things I’ve learnt this week

  1. If a fabric looks the same on both sides, it may be a good idea to mark ‘front’ and ‘back’, or you could end up with the left hand side on the right and the right hand side on the left
  2. You should measure the fabric you buy, as it may have been cut short by 5cm
  3. It is rather difficult to find coloured ribbing at the shops
  4. If you let your 2 year old choose her own outfit to wear, she may end up looking very stylish indeed in a look that you would never, ever have thought of
  5. Drafting your own patterns is not easy
  6. How to use a double needle
  7. How to sew a front flat and elastic back waistband
  8. You can buy glow in the dark fabric
  9. Himalayan pink salt is good for eating and bathing in
  10. If you comment on someone’s blog, they really appreciate it

6 thoughts on “10 things I’ve learnt this week

    • I’m just starting to understand that blogging is a very social thing, and comments can be very helpful. I try to comment often now, but in the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder if I am being annoying.


    • I never used to comment on blogs until I started Zero to Hero, I just thought comments were for friends and family of the blogger and if I did comment they may think “Who are you? I don’t even know you”. I’m a lot more social now I know it’s the done thing and I comment often.


  1. I agree on the commenting thing. Otherwise, as a blogger, you have no idea if anyone likes what you’re rambling on about. Every comment I’ve had so far has been really positive, and it spurs you on.


Comments make me happy :-)

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