My ‘grab and go’ sewing solution

vintage sewing box2

I often have ‘Make Days’ at my sisters, armed with my sewing machine, my fabrics, my patterns, my tools, some more fabric (just in case), and a few extra bits of elastic and fastenings. I  jump excitedly into my car and head on over to my sisters place.

I always have in mind what I am going to sew, but I always, and I mean always forget something that I really need to complete my project.

So I devised a plan, if I had everything that I could ever possibly need already neatly packed in a box or something then I couldn’t possibly forget anything the next time.

So I went about my house looking for the perfect box to store my sewing kit and I come across a red vintage vanity case that I hadn’t used for ages. Perfect!

I reinforced the lid using thick cardboard and covered it in spotty wrapping paper, with a layer of clear tape for protection. I then arranged my cutting tools and my tape measure so that they fit comfortably in the lid and I secured them to the lid with elastic.

I found a number of cute boxes, tubs and jars which I  loaded with thread, buttons, chalk, bobbins, etc and fit them snuggly in the box, in a very orderly fashion. I put in a few small samples of various fabrics, some zips, a pen, elastic, bias tape, pins, needles and a ruler.

It’s all very organised and I found the process extremely cathartic.

Now when I go to my sisters I grab my little red vanity case, quickly stuff in my fabric and pattern, and go on my merry way. (Of course not forgetting my sewing machine).

My box only measures 34cm x 30cm x 12cm but in it I have everything I need for my little sewing adventures.

I would be delighted to hear where you keep your sewing kit and fabrics if you are sewing in a shared space. Or are you lucky enough to have a designated sewing room?

7 thoughts on “My ‘grab and go’ sewing solution

  1. Great idea! And super cute! I have all my stuff in a big clear storage box from the supermarket. Not smart looking like this but I have absolutely everything in there (expect my sewing machine and overlocker of course)


    • I just pushed little holes through the cardboard with something long and sharp, then threaded the elastic through and tied a knot at the back.
      Make sure your holes aren’t too big otherwise the knot will come through the hole. Have you a vintage case to use? The one I used I’ve had for donkey years, they are hard to find these days. Good luck, an thank you for your comment.


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