What could you do if you had 3 hours spare?

izzy top_beach hut_700

I offered to test the Izzy top pattern for Teri at Climbing the Willow. I was super excited to be chosen as I hadn’t done anything like this before. I was so excited that I wanted to start right away. I packed my girls off to their grandparents and said “I’ll be back soon”.

I checked through my stash of fabrics and found a heavy cotton by Clarke and Clarke with a whimsical beach hut print. Using a heavy cotton rather than light cotton means that Scout can wear the top all year round. Though I must admit that using fabrics usually meant for curtains and cushion covers is a happy accident. The first time I bought fabric it was from Ikea as I didn’t know any better, but as things have turned out well sewing with them, I have just carried on.

I cut out the pattern pieces using my new rotary cutter (which is brilliant, I don’t know why I didn’t know about this amazing time saving tool before). Cutting the pattern pieces used to be the boring bit, but now I’m as eager as a beaver.

Reading through the clear and concise instructions I managed to sew the skirt to the bodice inside out, but apart from that it was quite an easy little top to make. The gathering was a bit fiddly but I got there in the end.

It took me just under 3 hours, it would have been quicker if I hadn’t made the mistake. Not bad for me, I normally sew at a leisurely pace and take all day (and night) to finish things.

I’m very pleased with the top and will definitely be making more.


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