Cute comfy coat

grey swing coat

I thought it was going to be quite difficult making a coat, I’ve never ventured this far before. But it was surprisingly easy. Not a bit harder than anything else I’ve made, but I feel I’ve raised my game a little with this one.

I diverted from the sewing pattern a tad by adding a large pink button and making the belt unattached from the coat.
You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to choose that button. If you look closely you can see the stitching makes an arrow shape. A cute little touch!

The fabric was an lovely soft wool that I got for a bargain price (£6 for 2 meters) because it had a few marks on it, but I was able to avoid them when I cut out the pattern.

For the lining I used the same fabric that I used for Scouts Little dot Ninja Pants.

I’m going to try a jacket with a zip next. Watch this space!

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