Lime green and pink. What do you think?

Hey! Guess what? Though I wrote this post a while ago, I just got an award. I’m thrilled, go check it out at skirt fixation.



In an attempt to declutter my wardrobe I managed to find 9 items (yep, only 9) that I cared to part with. Three of these items I had big little plans for. The first item was a shirt that I transformed into some cool pants. The second item was a simple, summery skirt that I’d had for over 15 years. Bought from Mambo, anyone remember Mambo? There was a shop in London Covent Garden, but it closed down many years ago. It was well known for it’s beachwear and bright, bold prints.

Mambo Skirt

Utilizing the fabric from the skirt I made a delightful A-line dress for Scout. The pattern was New Look 6578. I would have made the head scarf too, but what 2 year old is going to keep that on for more than 10 minutes?

Green A-line dress

I’m particularly pleased with the buttons. I love how the pink compliments the lime green. It makes the decision of what colour shoes to wear a lot easier.

Green A line dress green A line dress

Erm! Scout insisted on wearing her red shoes, pink would have been my obvious choice, but sometimes you’ve just got to let them call the shots.

green A line dress

The A-line is one of my favourite shapes for a dress, I appreciate the simple, symmetrical silhouette. It suits almost all body types and its not only comfortable, but also flattering, classic and also modern. I will certainly be making more A-line dresses in the future.



The third item (I haven’t forgotten), was a gold skirt that I made into a dress for Scout, but more about that in a future post :-)




8 Wow factor Christmas gifts for boys

8 Wow factor Christmas gifts for boys

Firstly I must apologise for using the ‘C word’ in September. But I have an idea that could make you a very popular [delete as appropriate] mum/auntie/grandma/friend/dad/godmother/neighbour/other at Christmas time.

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Who says tights are for girls?

Little Hero tights by Little Titans

Little Hero tights by Little Titans

My little nephew has swagger, he’s cute, he’s cool. He wouldn’t be caught in a pair of baggy, slouchy, shapeless jogging bottoms, no siree. He saunters around not only in jeans but drop crotch pants, leggings, girl tights and boy tights (not all at the same time, I hasten to add) because he can. Tights shouldn’t be just for girls, boys should also be able to benefit from the cosy comfort that tights have to offer. It makes perfect sense to me.

Leggings are pretty much an extension of the skinny jeans, but in jersey fabric they are more comfortable, cheaper and will fit growing kids for longer. Who knows, it may soon be commonplace for boys to wear leggings, it’s a no-brainer I think. But I’m only talking about little boys, not big boys, for practical reasons of course, come on where would they put their mobile phones?

I was delighted to be asked to join Perfect Pattern Parcel#4, last time it was patterns for girls, this time, patterns for boys. Woo hoo!!!

Pattern Parcel #4What a great selection of patterns. I decided to sew the Schoolboy vest for my nephew, it looked easy enough to sew on my ‘toy’ mini sewing machine that I took on holiday. (Yes, that’s right, I took my sewing machine on holiday.)

Knowing that my nephew is a cool dude, who wears tights and leggings as standard attire, I didn’t want to make him a vest that would cramp his style. I wanted to steer away from the formal look (after all he doesn’t often go to posh dinner parties and the opera) and give the vest a more urban flavour.

So here’s what I madeschoolboy reversible vest ♥ Needle and Ted

It’s not as urban as I intended, but it certainly looks good on my nephew, don’t you agree?

schoolboy vest ♥ Needle and Ted schoolboy vest 2

schoolboy vest 3

The great thing about the schoolboy vest is that it is reversible. So you sew one item and get two. Bonus! My sister-in-law asked about washing instructions. Normally I would say ‘Wash inside out at 30 degrees’. But what is inside out on a reversible vest? My brother’s solution was to wash at 15 degrees both sides. That’s the kinda guy he is (hmmm!!).

I made some minor adaptions to the pattern

Colour blocking, piping, two buttons instead of 4, no welt pockets, no buckle at the back but shaped the bottom to form a point, which unfortunately isn’t that noticeable [sad face].

schoolboy vest 4 schoolboy vest 5 schoolboy vest 6

There is one simple rule for wearing a vest or waistcoat as we call it in the UK…  ALWAYS BUTTON UP (rather than leave open and flapping), unless you want to look like a child being forced to wear a suit at a family wedding.


Want to make a reversible Schoolboy Waistcoat (or any of the other patterns in the Parcel)? Purchase your parcel today.

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About Pattern Parcel

Perfect Pattern Parcel believe in supporting independent pattern designers. It’s their opinion that indie patterns are better than big box patterns, and they are pretty sure their customers think so too. So, they allow customers to show their support in naming their own price for each Parcel.  They also encourage customers to allocate part of their Parcel price to the charity in order to help classrooms in need. Pattern Parcel donates all profits after expenses from Parcel sales to the charity as well. They have raised $9,800 towards eliminating educational inequality.

Pattern Parcel #4

Hey look! It’s my other nephew.

Bonus Pattern

Choose a price of $26 or greater for Parcel #4 and you will automatically also be sent the Bonus Pattern! The Bonus Pattern for this Parcel is the Knight Hoodie by Charming Doodle. This pattern is a unique and fun spin on the traditional hoodie. Thorough instructions and pictures help you create an amazing and memorable hoodie that will inspire creativity in your little one.

Buy Pattern Parcel #4What are you waiting for? Get your parcel today.

Harem pants are cool. Agree or Disagree?

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

The drop crotch or harem pants as some of us like to call them are quite a fashion statement. They form the basis of my wardrobe, they are remarkably versatile so I often rely on them. They are not to everyones taste but I love them. Maximum comfort with minimum effort, dress them up or dress them down, they are effortlessly cool. Continue reading

3 different names for the same pair of shorts

linen bubble shorts ♥ Needle and TedBubble, balloon, puff ball. What would you call these shorts? The pattern said bubble so I’m sticking with it, but do you remember the puffball skirt back in the 80’s? I’m not sure what came first the puffball or the ra-ra, but everyone was wearing them, even Princess Di. But not me, I hated them. You didn’t need to ask “does my bum look big in this?” because  yes, of course it did, as well as your hips.

bubble shorts_linen4

bubble shorts_linen3

But guess what? I delved into my stack of linen to make these bubble shorts and I absolutely love them. ‘The Bubble’ seems to be my signature style at the moment. I had forgotten about the distaste I had for the puffball back in the 80’s because now I can’t get enough of the puffed hem. Look here, here and here. Funny isn’t it? How over time your taste changes completely.

bubble shorts_linen2What did you used to hate, but now love?