What song does everyone know the words to?

What song does everyone know the words to?

Has there ever been a song that you’ve been singing for ages only to discover years later that you’ve been singing the wrong words? Then even when you know the right words you continue singing the wrong words because you prefer them. Continue reading

Lime green and pink. What do you think?

Hey! Guess what? Though I wrote this post a while ago, I just got an award. I’m thrilled, go check it out at skirt fixation.



In an attempt to declutter my wardrobe I managed to find 9 items (yep, only 9) that I cared to part with. Three of these items I had big little plans for. The first item was a shirt that I transformed into some cool pants. The second item was a simple, summery skirt that I’d had for over 15 years. Bought from Mambo, anyone remember Mambo? There was a shop in London Covent Garden, but it closed down many years ago. It was well known for it’s beachwear and bright, bold prints.

Mambo Skirt

Utilizing the fabric from the skirt I made a delightful A-line dress for Scout. The pattern was New Look 6578. I would have made the head scarf too, but what 2 year old is going to keep that on for more than 10 minutes?

Green A-line dress

I’m particularly pleased with the buttons. I love how the pink compliments the lime green. It makes the decision of what colour shoes to wear a lot easier.

Green A line dress green A line dress

Erm! Scout insisted on wearing her red shoes, pink would have been my obvious choice, but sometimes you’ve just got to let them call the shots.

green A line dress

The A-line is one of my favourite shapes for a dress, I appreciate the simple, symmetrical silhouette. It suits almost all body types and its not only comfortable, but also flattering, classic and also modern. I will certainly be making more A-line dresses in the future.



The third item (I haven’t forgotten), was a gold skirt that I made into a dress for Scout, but more about that in a future post :-)




8 Wow factor Christmas gifts for boys

8 Wow factor Christmas gifts for boys

Firstly I must apologise for using the ‘C word’ in September. But I have an idea that could make you a very popular [delete as appropriate] mum/auntie/grandma/friend/dad/godmother/neighbour/other at Christmas time.

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