Harem pants are cool. Agree or Disagree?

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

The drop crotch or harem pants as some of us like to call them are quite a fashion statement. They form the basis of my wardrobe, they are remarkably versatile so I often rely on them. They are not to everyones taste but I love them. Maximum comfort with minimum effort, dress them up or dress them down, they are effortlessly cool. Continue reading

3 different names for the same pair of shorts

linen bubble shorts ♥ Needle and TedBubble, balloon, puff ball. What would you call these shorts? The pattern said bubble so I’m sticking with it, but do you remember the puffball skirt back in the 80’s? I’m not sure what came first the puffball or the ra-ra, but everyone was wearing them, even Princess Di. But not me, I hated them. You didn’t need to ask “does my bum look big in this?” because  yes, of course it did, as well as your hips.

bubble shorts_linen4

bubble shorts_linen3

But guess what? I delved into my stack of linen to make these bubble shorts and I absolutely love them. ‘The Bubble’ seems to be my signature style at the moment. I had forgotten about the distaste I had for the puffball back in the 80’s because now I can’t get enough of the puffed hem. Look here, here and here. Funny isn’t it? How over time your taste changes completely.

bubble shorts_linen2What did you used to hate, but now love?


Do you choose the fabric for the pattern or pattern for fabric?

Camo set ♥ Needle and Ted I saw the fabric, I liked it, 100% cotton, medium weight, modern camouflage, just the right colour, £7 a meter, that’ll do nicely, thank you very much.

I missed out the bit where I had a long in depth conversation with my sister about the perfect balance of camouflage squiggle, colour, modernity and authenticity, but that would have changed the whole style of my opening sentence. Continue reading

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

cuff detail

I’m not keen on things that are too fussy or over designed. I find beauty in simple things. Simple things with a little detail or a quirky element. But I have just sewn an outfit that has it all (well not all, but a quite a lot). And guess what? Continue reading